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April 2016


Buying land and water rights in U.S. by Saudi’s fuels debate

Japan to release tritium in ocean from Fukushima plant

What if climate deniers are wrong—risk to nation from climate change


Michigan State University faculty Joan Rose wins top water science award

Atlanta, Georgia turns rock quarry into water storage facility

Virginia lawmakers to spend millions on fencing to keep cows out of rivers

Lead pollution begs the question  “Should we invest in upgrading’s America’s water infrastructure?”

More cities now testing for lead

New Jersey tests 17,000 children for lead poisoning

 Words speak louder than water conservation actions in Florida


A “whole lot of shaking” going on in Oklahoma

 More troubles for Lake Mead

Arizona fearful that California will take water from Lake Mead

 Building a lake in Las Vegas

 So much for having states pay for pollution clean-up--Colorado now wants the federal government to pay for “leaky mines” in the state

 Thinking big about aquifer storage in Idaho—but will $16 million be enough

 Those “fracking” abusers of agricultural water rights in Colorado


“Chicken ranch” waste turns river red

Water troubles in Troy

A county-wide water system in the Waco area?

Fixing a “leaky pipeline in the “Panhandle”

At last—Lake Travis is full

Good news for Rio Grande farmers

Good drought news for Texas so far, except in Panhandle

University of texas students study growth and stress on water supplies in the “ Texas Hill Country”

March 2016


Water rich and water poor India

Five water smart cities in the developing world

 U.N.’s world water day website


Task force report on Flint water crises places blame on Michigan Governor Snyder

As if lead and arsenic in water doesn’t scare you, new studies show that sewer plants can’t kill superbugs released by hospitals in sewer systems

Porcelain beer in California

Is water affordability for the poor a new civil rights movement in the U.S.

Concerns that water leaking from a nuke plant near Miami could threaten drinking water

Is Chicago river safe for recreation



This should start  “tongues to wagging”--U.S. Supreme Court rules that Wyoming denies Montana water from Tongue River

Those “fracking” abusers of agricultural water rights in Colorado

Fighting over water rights in California?

Environmental battles over water rights on the Rio Grande

Concerns over safety of water on Indian reservations

Iowa lawmaker proposes farm fertilizer fee to pay to clean up agricultural contaminated water supplies


2017 State Water Plan ready for review and public comment

Arsenic found in Texas drinking water

Read the full Arsenic report

Some want to reconsider biodiversity and healthy Texas rivers

Earthquakes, fault lines and dams in North Texas

Flushable wipes are clogging College Station sewer lines

February 2016

The Flint Michigan water tragedy has received national and international coverage.  This multi-level tragedy raises important water quality questions and may spur Congress into taking action on our water infrastructure needs.


Drought in S. Africa fosters cooperation vs conflict

900 year old well in London still drinkable

Help me I’m melting: Warming weather a concern in the Arctic

More bad news for Olympics in Rio

Weather forecast for next five years—even hotter


California farmer have record profits in drought

Lead in other community water supplies in Ohio and Wisconsin

Minnesota worries about lead in water

Water Research Foundation celebrates 50th anniversary

Will the next Supreme Court justice be a climate change skeptic?

Florida legislature takes on a host of water issues

Georgia allocates another $10 million for water wars with Alabama and Florida

Back to normal drier conditions--What happened to rain and snow from El Nino in American Southwest

 “Farmers Fight” not just in lyrics in Spirit of Aggieland but in water issues throughout the U.S.

Reports on lurking lead water pipes in American cities

Questions raised about lead testing methods

Five things every parent needs to know about lead poisoning

Notification of lurking lead in drinking water lacking

Water tragedy in Flint, Michigan at multiple levels

Clean-up cost for Flint water

Federal lawsuit over handling of Flint water crises

Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality staff have to hire their own attorney

Other Michigan Cities with lead water levels

Sebring Ohio has lead in drinking water

Lead in drinking water in Canada

Madison Wisconsin helped homeowners replace lead pipes

How novel: Wisconsin Governor Walker wants to use science to solve groundwater pollution problems


Messing with “mother nature” in Colorado

Messing with “mother nature” in Idaho

Some in Colorado blame EPA for Gold King mine debacle, but wait a sec, who caused the original problem?

230 Colorado mines leaking poison into state waters

Capturing rain in a barrel may become legal in Colorado

Kansas farmers using water rights reserved for wildlife refuge

Awesome website on water issues in Colorado River Basin

More on Colorado’s Gold King Mine

Cleaning up Butte Montana mine

Iowa’s nitrate clean-up plan could pit farmers against Des Moines city residents

Idaho moves to take over water pollution control from Feds

EPA awards $182 million for California water projects

Water rights and wrongs in Nevada


LCRA loses claim to water rights in New Braunfels

Repairs begin on Lake Lewisville dam

Lake Livingston dam OK says Trinity River Authority

Good news for lake levels on the Highland Lakes

Boil water notices in Texas communities this month

Testing for lead in Texas

High lead levels in Travis County

Ooops—city of Denton forgets to test drinking water for lead and cooper

January 2016: 

Flooding in Missouri and storms in California dominated the national news but there are water issues in the news.    Other interesting stories deal with Congress passing and the President signing the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015,  political fall-out from lead concentrations in Flint Michigan water, new mature contamination of groundwater supplies identified in Wisconsin, a price tag for agricultural losses from drought in Washington, and the consequences from the December snowstorm in west Texas. 


Flooding in England— the bard and the ugly


Don’t blame all these rains and floods  on El Nino

Floodwaters carry sewage and pollutants

Keeping microbeads out of water

Nestle Water bottle water plant good to go in Pennsylvania

Michigan governor declares lead emergency after Flint reconnects to previous water supply 

More state agency fall-out from Flint’s lead problems

Spreading cow poop from Wisconsin diary herds on farm fields suspected in groundwater contamination  

Great Lakes water quality remains an issue

Northwest Florida communities have adequate water supply for the next 20 years

Paying farmers to protect wetlands in Arkansas is good for wildlife


Is Rio Grande headed for a permanent drought

WOW--University of Colorado scientists rediscover evaporation in hydrologic cycle

Can you believe it—scientist discover the rocks are alive in Utah’s Great Salt Lake

Dire future for Evergreen trees in the Southwest new study reveals

An old town in Oregon reemerges after reservoir level decline

Drought cost Washington farmers an estimated $336 million in losses

Good and bad El Nino water news for California


2016 will be spurred by second round of TWDB funding for water projects. In 2015, 48 applications for funding were submitted and 21 were approved by TWDB.

There’s money in water management-- Bonus money flows for some employees at Lower Colorado River Authority

 Marlin residents may finally get to drink their water without boiling it

City of Austin asking residents to opine on once a week lawn watering

West Texas snowstorm bad for cows but good for cotton

City drills well as hedge against drought in Lower Rio Grande Valley

Ooops—city of Denton forgets to test drinking water for lead and cooper


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