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Required Water Courses


ATMO 629 Climate Change. Credits 3. Climate of geological and recent past; methods of assessing change. Read More 

ATMO 631 Climate Modeling. Credits 3. A study of mathematical models used in simulation of climate. Read More 

ATMO 632 Statistical Methods in Climate Research. Credit 3. Advanced techniques especially applicable to climatology. Read More

GEOG 612 Applied Climatology. Credits 3. Climate data and methods to solve a wide range of environmental problems. Read More 

GEOG/GEOL 642 Past Climates. Credits 3. Terrestrial and marine proxy records of past climate variability, including tree rings, coral, and sediments. Read More


ESSM 635 Ecohydrology. Credits 3. Hydrologic processes and vegetation; effects of changing land cover and the implications. Read More 

ESSM 631 Ecological Restoration of Wetland and Riparian Systems. Credits 3. How wetland and riparian areas link terrestrial and aquatic systems and function hydrologically and ecologically within watersheds. Read More

GEOG 434 Hydrology and Environment. Credits 4. 3 Lecture Hours. 2 Lab Hours. Examination of hydrologic processes in relation to climate, soils, vegetation, land use practices, and human impacts. Read More

GEOG 626 Fluvial Geomorphology. Credits 3. Concepts and methods applicable to the fluvial systems. Read More

GEOL 633 River Restoration. Credits 3. Geologic, geomorphic and geomechanical principles applied to the investigation, design, construction, and maintenance of river restoration projects. Read More

WFSC 414 Ecology of Lakes and Rivers. Credits 3. Biological, physical, chemical and geological characteristics of fresh waters. Read More


BAEN 674 Vadose Zone Hydrology. Credits 3.Fundamental concepts and advanced mathematical and experimental techniques for quantifying water, chemical, microorganism, and heat transport in the vadose zone (between soil surfaces and groundwater). Read More

BAEN 675 Hydrology Across Scale. Credits 3. Advanced concepts of surface and subsurface hydrologic processes, measurements, and modeling techniques across different spatio-temporal scales. Read More

CVEN 674 Groundwater Engineering. Credits 3. Groundwater hydrology, theory of groundwater movement, steady-state flow, potential flow, mechanics of well flow, multiple-phase flow, salt water intrusion, artificial recharge, groundwater contamination and models. Read More

GEOL 410 Hydrogeology. Credits 3. Geologic conditions determining the distribution and movement of ground water and their effect on the hydrologic properties of aquifers. Read More

GEOL 610 Field Methods in Hydrogeology. Credits 3. Field methods in hydrogeology; including ground water drilling technology and law. Read More

GEOL 625 Applied Groundwater Modeling. Credits 3. Concept of groundwater flow and contaminant transport; numerical simulations of solving flow and transport equations. Read More 

Surface Water Hydrology 

BAEN 667 Entropy Theory and its Application in Water and Environmental Engineering. Credits 3Entropy theory, probability distributions, parameter estimation, hydrologic design, rainfall-runoff, infiltration and soil moisture, frequency analyses, sediment yield, velocity distributions, flow forecasting, hydraulic geometry, geomorphic structure, water distribution reliability and water availability assessment. Read More

CVEN 627 Engineering Surface Water Hydrology. Credits 3. Precipitation-runoff processes; watershed and streamflow modeling. Read More

CVEN 628 Advanced Hydraulic Engineering. Credits 3. Modeling of steady and unsteady flow in natural and constructed channels and hydraulic structures. Read More 

CVEN 455 Urban Stormwater Management. Credits 3. Hydrologic, hydraulic, and general civil engineering design and implementation of stormwater systems including drainage and detention storage facilities, floodplain regulation measures, and flood control structures. Read More

CVEN 675 Stochastic Hydrology. Credits 3. Analysis, simulation and forecasting of hydro-climatic variables. Read More

GEOG 626 Fluvial Geomorphology. Credits 3. Concepts and methods applicable to the fluvial systems; components affecting rivers and drainage basin and analysis geomorphology. Read More

GEOL 610 Field Methods in Hydrogeology. Credits 3. Field methods in hydrogeology; including ground water drilling technology and law. Read More

GEOL 631 Engineering Geomorphology. Credits 3. Active surface processes as they influence engineering construction. Read More

Water Quality 

BAEN 665 Design of Biological Waster Treatment Systems. Credits 3. Management and treatment of high organic content waste streams, with emphasis on agricultural. Read More

BAEN 669 Water Quality Engineering. Credits 3. Nonpoint source pollution processes including transport mechanisms and contaminant fate. Read More

CVEN 604 Environmental Analysis of Treatment Systems. Credits 3. Theory of processes used to treat water, wastewater and hazardous wastes. Read More

CVEN 609 Environmental Control of Oil and Hazardous Materials. Credits 3. 2 Lecture Hours. 3 Lab Hours. properties and their behavior and impact to environmental systems. Read More

CVEN 682 Environmental Remediation of Contaminated Sites. Credits 3. Aspects of characterization and design of plans for remediation of sites contaminated with hazardous wastes. Read More

GEOL 621 Contaminant Hydrology. Credits 3. Physical concepts of mass transport; dispersion; diffusion; advection. Raed More

GEOL 640 Geochemistry of Natural Waters. Credits 3. Chemistry of aqueous solutions; weathering/redox reactions and controls on fresh waters. Read More

GEOL 641 Environmental Geochemistry. Credits 3. Geochemical processes affecting the fate and transport of inorganic and organic pollutants in terrestrial systems. Read More

SCSC 657 Environmental Soil and Water Science. Credits 3. Discussion of physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil and water and the impact on productivity and sustainability of various ecosystems. Read More

SCSC 658 Watershed and Water Quality Management. Credits 3. Land use impact on surface and ground water chemistry; legislation impacting water quality. Read More

Water Management 

AGEC 606 Water Resource Economics. Credits 3. Concepts of property rights and their valuation; factors affecting the value of these rights are related to general economic theory to explain real estate market process. Read More

BAEN/CVEN 642: Water Energy Food Nexus: Toward Sustainable Resource Management

BAEN 672 Small Watershed Hydrology. Credits 3. Hydrology of small agricultural watersheds; precipitation frequency analysis; infiltration; runoff; erosion theory. Read More

BAEN 673 Modeling Small Watersheds. Credits 3. Transport of water and chemicals in small agricultural watersheds; simulation using hydrologic models. Read More

CVEN 664 Water Resources Engineering Planning and Management. Credits 3. Managing water resources; the planning process, systems analysis methods. Read More

CVEN 665 Water Resources Systems Engineering. Credits 3. Linear and non-linear optimization models and simulation models for planning and management of water systems. Read More

ESSM 636 Range and Forest Watershed Management. Credits 3. Management of range and forest watersheds; influence of range and forest practices on runoff. Read More

PSAA 606 Environmental Policy and Management. Credits 3. Covers environmental policy areas, including air and water pollution, toxic waste disposal, public land use, sustainable development, and resource conservation. Read More


ESSM 628 Wetland Delineation. Credits 3. Application of the 1987 Wetland Delineation Manual in use by the Army Corps of Engineers. Read More

ESSM 648 Wetland Plant Taxonomy. Credits 3. Interpretation of plant morphologies for keying and the identification of wetland plants from prime habitats. Read More

WFSC 611 Estuarine Ecology. Credits 4. 3 Lecture Hours. 3 Lab Hours. Principles governing the relationships of estuarine organisms to their environment. Read More 

WFSC 628 Wetland Ecology. Credits 3. Wetlands as ecological systems that are prime habitats for wildlife and fish; geomorphology, hydrology, limnology. Read More 

Required Research Methods and Statistics Courses 

Methods Courses 

AGEC 607 Research Methodology. Credits 3. Scientific method in economic research: problem identification and selection, hypothesis testing. Read More

BUSH 631 Quantitative Methods in Public Management I. Credits 3. Introduction to the common methods for social and policy analysis with a focus on application of methods. Read More

BUSH 632 Quantitative Methods in Public Management II. Credits 3. Numerous formal aspects and methods of decision-making useful in public management. Read More

CARC 601 Foundations of Research in Planning and Design. Credits 3. ntroduction to the research process and its application to problems in planning and design. Read More  

CARC 602 Research Methods in Planning and Design. Credits 3. Basic empirical research methods used in planning and design research. Read More 

EPSY 636 Techniques of Research. Credits 3. Fundamental concepts and tools of research applied to psychological and educational problems. Read More

GEOG 611 Geographical Research Design. Credits 3. Methods, techniques and conceptual models for the conception, design, planning and conduct of geographical research. Read More

PLAN 604 Planning Methods I. Credits 3. Fundamental concepts and methods used in urban and regional research. Read More

PLAN 613 Planning Methods and Techniques. Credits 3.Methods and techniques of research, data collection and analysis; coordination of planning process with public policy and plan implementation. Read More

SOCI 623 Measurement of Sociological Parameters. Credits 3. Sociological research including scaling, scale analysis and experimental design. Read More

URSC 641 Analytic Methods in Landscape and Urban Research. Credits 3. Explicitly address linking theory, measurement, data set development. Read More

WFSC 609 Wildlife Research Methods. Credits 3. Research methods applied to wildlife management and related subjects. Read More

** Any other methoods course relevant  to student's research 

Statistics Courses 

BAEN 662 Statistical Methods in Biological and Agricultural Engineering. Credits 3. Statistical methods applied to problems in biological and agricultural engineering. Read More

STAT 601 Statistical Analysis. Credits 4. 3 Lecture Hours. 2 Lab Hours.  Introduction to probability, probability distributions and statistical inference. Read More

STAT 626 Methods in Time Series Analysis. Credits 3. Introduction to statistical time series analysis; autocorrelation and spectral characteristics of univariate. Read More

STAT 651 Statistics in Research I. Credit 3. For graduate students in other disciplines. Non-calculus exposition of the concepts, methods and usage of statistical data analysis. Read More

STAT 652 Statistics in Research II. Credit 3. Continuation of STAT 651. Concepts of experimental design, individual treatment comparisons, randomized blocks and factorial experiments. Read More

STAT 653 Statistics in Research III. Credit 3. Advanced topics in ANOVA; analysis of covariance; and Regression Analysis including analysis of messy data. Read More

** Any other methoods course relevant  to student's research 

Possible Electives 

Aquatic and Estuary Systems 

WFSC 611 Estuarine Ecology. Credits 4. 3 Lecture Hours. 3 Lab Hours. Principles governing the relationships of estuarine organisms to their environment; productivity. Read More

Biophysical Sciences 

ESSM 622 Biogeochemistry of Terrestrial Ecosystems. Credits 3. Biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus and their interaction with biotic and abiotic processes. Read More

GEOG 666 Coastal Geomorphology. Credits 3Essential concepts and methods to coastal geomorphology; review history and processes of coastal geomorphology. Read More

GEOL 635 Engineering Geology. Credits 3. Geological principles applied to the investigation design, construction and maintenance of engineering projects. Read More

GEOL 641 Environmental Geochemistry. Credits 3. Geochemical processes affecting the fate and transport pollutants in terrestrial systems; equilibrium and kinetic modeling. Read More

SCSC 619 Molecular methods for Microbial Characterization. Credits 3. 2 Lecture Hours. 2 Lab Hours. Underlying principles of molecular methods for microbial detection. Read More

WFSC 639 Wildlife Ecotoxicology. Credits 3. Distribution, fate, and effects of environmental pollutants on wildlife behavior and reproduction. Read More


ATMO 601 Fundamentals of Atmospheric Dynamics. Credits 3. Basic Concepts of fluid dynamics; meteorological approximations and coordinate systems. Read More


ACCT 640 Accounting Concepts and Procedures I. Credits 3. Accounting concepts and relationships essential to administrative decisions. Read More

CVEN 603 Environmental Engineering Management. Credits 3. Federal and state regulatory framework for environmental engineering; techniques for environmental control. Read More

FINC 635 Financial Management for Non-Business. Credits 3. External and internal factors affecting financial decision-making in the firm; fundamental concepts of accounting. Read More

MGMT 639 Negotiations. Credits 3. Process of launching a new venture; process by which opportunities can be discovered and selected. Read More

MGMT 655 Survey of Management. Credits 3. Management concepts and applications important to managers in all types and sizes of organizations. Read More

MRKT 621 Survey of Marketing. (3-0). Credits 3. Marketing concepts and functions from the point of view of the organization and the economy. Read More

POLS 643 Theory and Practice of Public Administration. Credits 3. Theory, process and structure of management in the public sector. Read More

POLS 645 Politics, Policy and Administration. Credits 3. Relationship of politics and administration with references to the influence of administration and bureaucracy. Read More

RENR 660 Environmental Impact Analysis for Renewable Natural Resources. Credits 3. Analysis and critique of contemporary environmental analysis methods in current use. Read More

SOCI 616 Political Sociology. Credits 3. Survey of the principal social and organizational bases of politics; the institutionalization of political power. Read More

WFSC 604 Ecological Modeling. Credits 3. Philosophical basis, theoretical framework, and practical application of systems analysis and simulation within the context of ecology. Read More


ESSM 672/RENR 660 Environmental Impact Analysis for Renewable Natural Resources. Credits 3. Analysis and critique of contemporary environmental analysis methods. Read More

GEOG 619 Human Impact on the Environment. Credits 3. Human alterations of landscapes, the atmosphere and the waters of the earth; interference with natural chemical cycles. Read More

PLAN 616 Analyzing Risk/Hazard and Public Policy. Credits 3. Evaluation and development of risk analysis, including risk assessment, perception of risk. Read More

PLAN 641 Problems of Environmental Planning Administration. Credit 3. State and federal legislation  to environmental and consumer protection aspects of urban planning. Read More

PLAN 647 Disaster Recovery and Hazard Mitigation. Credits 3. Interdisciplinary study of the impacts of environmental disasters; describes process of disaster recovery. Read More

PLAN 669 Urban Infrastructure Planning. Credits 3. 2 Lecture Hours. 2 Lab Hours. Identification of urban infrastructure requirements; criteria for utility location and design. Read More

Surface Water Hydrology 

GEOL 635 Engineering Geology. Credits 3. Geological principles applied to the investigation design, construction and maintenance of engineering project. Read More

SCSC 615 Reclamation of Drastically Disturbed Lands. Credits 3. Theoretical and practical aspects of reclamation ands disturbed during mining. Read More

Water and Environmental Quality

CVEN 605 Environmental Measurement. Credits 3. Theory and practice of analytical methods used in the environmentalengineering field. Read More 

SCSC 605 Pedology. Credits 3. Soil genesis, morphology and classification; development of a working knowledge of soil taxonomy and diagnostic horizons. Read More

SCSC 637 Environmental Microbiology.Credits 3. Microbial diversity and interactions in various environments with emphasis on soil and freshwater systems. Read More

SCSC 650 Mode of Action and Environmental Fate of Herbicides.(2-3). Credit 3. Relationships between physical-chemical characteristics of herbicides. Read More

Water Economics, Law, and Policy

AGEC 604 Natural Resource Economics.Credits 3. Critical evaluation of policies and procedures in natural resource development and use. Read More

AGEC 659 Ecological Economics.Credits 3. Study of the relationship between ecosystems and economic systems; understanding the effects of human economic. Read More

PSAA 606 Environmental Policy and Management.Credits 3. Covers environmental policy areas, including air and water pollution, toxic waste disposal. Read More

PSAA 622 Public Finance.Credits 3. Framework for positive and normative economic analysis of public sector spending and taxation. Read More

RENR 660 Environmental Impact Analysis for Renewable Natural Resources.Creditd 3. Analysis and critique of contemporary environmental analysis methods Read More

Water Infomatics and Geographic Information Systems

BAEN 651/ESSM 651 Geographic Information Systems for Resource Management. Credits 3. 2 Lecture Hours. 2 Lab Hours. Geographic Information System (GIS) approach to the integration of spatial and attribute data. Read More

BAEN 652 Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems.Creditd 32 Lecture Hours.3 Lab Hours. Advanced GIS topics with a focus on modeling actual GIS applications. Read More

CVEN 658 Civil Engineering Applications of GIS.Creditd 3. Use of geographic information system (GIS) concepts and methods to solve civil engineering problems. Read More

GEOG 651 Remote Sensing for Geographical Analysis.Credits 3. Provides an introduction to remote sensing fundamentals; discussion of past, present. Read More

GEOG 660 Applications in GIS.Credit 3. Integrates spatial analysis and modeling with GIS for environmental and socio-economic applications.Read More

GEOG 661 Digital Image Processing and Analysis.Credits 3. Principles of georectifying, processing, manipulating and interpreting data collected. Read More

GEOG 665 GIS-Based Spatial Analysis and Modeling.Credit 3. Investigates methodology of integrating various spatial analysis and modeling techniques. Read More

GEOG 695 Frontiers in Geographic Information Science.Credits 3. Theoretical foundations and the latest development of geographic information science. Read More

PLAN 625 Geographical Information Systems in Landscape and Urban Planning.Credits 3. Provides students an understanding of GIS fundamentals. Read More

PLAN 626 Advanced GIS in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.Credit 3. Continuation of GIS in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning PLAN 625. Read More


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